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Bringing power to millions: OMC TED talk

Anil Raj, CEO and Co-founder of OMC, recently spoke at the TED@BCG conference held at midcentury Kosmos cinema, East Berlin.

In the TED talk he explains how distributed power from renewable energy sources can serve the needs of 400 million people in India who still do not have access to power. OMC’s goal is to build 1,000 micropower plants in 5 years – reaching at least 20 million people.

Watch the film on Youtube >>


The not-so-desirable hockey stick

Growth – it’s favoured by most people. And exponential growth even more so. An entrepreneur’s, and investor’s, dream is the hockey stick – when growth and revenue suddenly takes off in an unprecedented manner.

This is all fine and dandy when we’re talking in financial terms. But when we switch to climate change – specifically global warming and the earth’s temperature – hockey stick growth is very, very undesirable.