Finally, a new power company that provides power everywhere.

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Where there is no reliable grid, we
extract energy from renewable sources.

Then use it to power both mobile networks & rural communities.

We call it Micropower >>[X] CLOSE

Micropower = small-scale energy.

Solving a very large problem.

OMC's Micropower Plants™ enable
reliable & affordable power for telecom
and communities in frontier markets.

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Renewable power for telecom.

Running a mobile network in emerging markets is often costly and polluting.

Expensive diesel fuel powers generators that run 24/7. If there’s grid power, it’s both unreliable and expensive. So operators spend 40% of total OPEX on power & fuel.

That’s why we provide Micropower for telecom ››

Imagine if there was no power.

How would you charge your phone? Read at night? Heat your food? Cool your home?

To millions of people, this is everyday life. In rural India, only about half the population has access to grid power. And in rural Africa, it’s 25%.

That’s why OMC provides Micropower for communities ››