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Five Principles for Off-Grid Energy Policy

Sierra Club’s latest report talks about the five principles that policymakers should abide by to ensure rapid development of the off-grid energy market.

The Report states that the off-grid market potential of around $12Billion is still unexplored and if pursued with a suitable combination of policies, would help in rapid development of local economies and hence in generation of local jobs.


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OMC at TED@BCG, Berlin

Anil Raj, CEO and Co-founder of OMC, recently spoke at the TED@BCG conference held at midcentury Kosmos cinema, East Berlin.

The TED conference buzzed with several new ideas on business, technology and self, with the presence of over six hundred TEDsters, BCG’ers and guests. The event was produced by TED Institute, a project that embeds within organizations and companies to help employees develop their ideas.


HuffingtonPost on OMC: “Millions in New Investment for Beyond the Grid Solar Markets”

“It has been a record year for beyond the grid solar investment.”


Over $45 million in investments have closed in the past year, including: $1.8 million for plug and play solar provider BBOXX$11 million for industry pioneer d.light, and$20 million for mobile money pioneer M-KOPA. Not to be left out of a potential $12 billion market, three more new major funding announcements have taken place in the past two weeks alone.


Clean energy investments finally growing since 2011

In their recent press release, Clean Energy Pipeline reports that investments in clean energy have been increasing consistently in the 3rd quarter of 2014 and are set for the first year-on-year growth since 2011.

According to the release, new investments in the sector amount to $68.4 billion in 3Q14 – an 11% increase on the corresponding quarter of 2013.