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Development without power

”Without knowledge – no progress, and without electricity – no knowledge.”

That’s what Indian farmer Ashok Kumar Bajpayee said when he told us about life without power. Everyday life in rural India is certainly different from the urban way of life, but the people and their basic needs are not very different. It’s just that they don’t have access to power. This lack of basic infrastructure is the main obstacle for development.

With power comes prosperity. It allows a rural community to develop; both financially and socially. It enables access to media and communication – TV & Internet. Phone charging becomes simple and accessible, and lighting means that work can continue after sunset. Pumps and mills no longer need to run on diesel, meaning lower cost and less pollution.



Education without power

When the sun sets in many parts of rural India, its light is replaced by the faint flicker of a kerosene lamp. Or total darkness. Because there is no power.

To run a school when there’s no power is not easy. In warm weather, there are no fans to give comfort. Computers can’t be used in the education. And at sunset, teaching stops as it’s not possible to read or write without lighting.