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Moving beyond diesel with biogas

”Energy is there – you just have to utilize it.”

A switch to renewable energy sources is not an option, it’s a prerequisite for both profitability and sustainable development. That’s why OMC invests into renewable energy innovation, and supports innovators and entrepreneurs within the renewable energy space.

Dr. G.P. Govil has invented a diesel conversion kit – allowing standard diesel generators to run on biogas. The concept is timely and highly relevant. Many rural areas run on fossile fuels – primarily diesel and kerosene. The conversion kit holds a promise of a cleaner future where only local energy sources are being used.



Power, everywhere

Imagine your life, without power. How would you charge your phone? Read at night? Heat your food? Cool your home?

In India alone, over 400 million lack access to power. Grid power is not available, or if it is — not reliable.

This also impacts mobile networks where the most common source of power in emerging markets is diesel — both costly and polluting.

And that’s why OMC exists. To make sure there’s power, everywhere. For both mobile networks and rural communities.


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