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OMC in Developing Telecoms

“Powering infrastructure off the grid


Energy is perhaps the biggest headache for operators in emerging markets. The magnitude of the problem has been constant, but in a market which is essentially experiencing growth of 100% year-on-year, there are many equally pressing areas which can consume time and attention.



OMC in Huffington Post

“India: Forget the Centralized Grid, Community Power Is Here

Just days after the historic blackout reminded us that centralized coal is the problem, not the solution to India’s energy woes, a new era of entrepreneurs marked the beginning of a truly revolutionary effort to deliver energy access.

The landmark deal that marked their arrival was lost amidst the coverage of the blackout and the continued death spiral the coal sector finds itself in. Nonetheless, the deal between OMC Power, and Bharti Infratel (India’s largest mobile phone provider) to provide clean renewable energy to its off grid cell phone towers was historic. It marks the arrival of Community Power and it couldn’t have come a moment too soon.


OMC on BBC News (Worldwide)

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OMC’s CEO Anil Raj is interviewed in the clip (the BBC accidentally mixed him up with our COO Rohit Chandra).

Below the fold – an excerpt from the BBC News article “India’s mobile phone firms turn to green power” by Shilpa Kannan:


Life with power – Deepika Singh

“When the children will receive enough light then they will be able to study, and when they can study they will get good results. The society will be educated when the children are educated, and in they can make their own future, in the right way.”

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Full transcript:

“Before we were not able to use any electronic equipment. And in the educational field we used to face many problems. When the children had exams they studied in candlelight, which has a negative effect on the eyes, and they could not study for a longer time. They would stop after one or two hours of studying. They could not give a proper exam after not having been able to study properly.