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PRESS RELEASE: Powering Off-grid Telecom & Leading Rural Electrification

Powering Off-grid Telecom Towers and Leading the Way in Rural Electrification; Life-changing Work Recognised at Upcoming GSMA Awards

New Delhi, 14 February, 2013: OMC Power today announced that it now has 11 Micropower Plants operational in India capable of serving 150,000 people not covered by the electricity grid and supplying power to 40 off-grid telecom towers.

OMC is a Resco (Renewable Energy Service Company) and the first company to transform the provision of electricity in rural India into a commercially viable, sustainable and scalable business. Its Micropower Plants – small-scale, local power plants using renewable energy sources – vastly improve the quality of life and stimulate economic growth and prosperity in the rural areas where they are being deployed.