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OMC in Hindustan Times

“Solar dawn on UP village horizon”

In Atrauli, the days were depressingly short – 14 hours in all – till last year.

After sunset, it seemed as if someone had hit the pause button on this border village in Uttar Pradesh’s Hardoi district.

Shops shut down, markets closed, women didn’t venture outdoors and students couldn’t study. Banks stayed away, irrigation suffered and incomes were abysmal.

And then, last October, Omnigrid Micropower Company – a RESCO company – set up its first solar power plant in the village and Atrauli began to stir.



OMC in The Economist

“Lighting rural India: Out of the gloom”

Villagers enjoy sunlight after dark

Fly by night over Uttar Pradesh in northern India, the country’s most populous state, and its cities appear as dazzling islands. In between, however, lies an inky sea. Perhaps two-thirds of Uttar Pradesh’s 200m people have no regular electricity. In India as a whole, 700m, or more than half of the population, suffer unreliable connections to the national grid, or none at all.