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Documentary: Harnessing the sun

Harnessing the Sun to Keep the Lights on in India

The Sierra Club and Center for American Progress have produced a documentary series about OMC Power and the growing Indian microgrid market.

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Sierra Magazine on OMC – “Waiting for light”

“Waiting for light”

Will off-grid solar fix India’s energy problem?

The sky above northeast India looked like mango skin. It was late afternoon in May, and across a constellation of villages, deliverymen worked to unload their solar-charged lanterns from trucks and bicycles before nightfall. They leaned into dung-and-straw huts, calling, “Lantern, lantern.” They passed the devices to women in colorful saris, to bucktoothed kids, to men in sweat-stained undershirts, lingering while the customer made sure the lantern worked, head angled and skeptical.