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PRESS RELEASE: OMC selected World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer

OMC Power Selected by World Economic Forum as 2014 Technology Pioneer

Delhi, India, August 27 2013OMC Power has today been recognised by The World Economic Forum for its innovative and pioneering work in supplying renewable energy to communities and mobile networks in rural India.


OMC on BBC Worldwide News

Over half of all indians without electricity

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“In Jangaon, as the sun goes down the lights come on in the village’s main street – from the grocery store to the doctor’s clinic at the end of the lane to the street-food vendor at the corner, everyone it appears has a white solar lamp. It is a small ray of hope which, if properly harnessed, could just change the face of rural India.”


OMC featured by BBC News

“Indian villages lit up by off-grid power”

Many say off-grid power has transformed their lives

Inside her mud and brick hut in the village of Purva in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, Sukhrani is making a pot of lentils for dinner – in complete darkness.

The glow of a candle and the flame from a wood fire are the only sources of light for the woman who is in her 60s.

Her village has no electricity – it has never had any.

Original article by BBC News India

Radio interview on BBC World (45 min into programme)

“I have never seen an electric bulb,” she says, as she squats on the floor, wiping sweat off her face.

“The village I was born in had no electricity. I moved here after my marriage – and there was none here either.”

Purva is just one of hundreds of thousands of Indian villages which are either not connected to the country’s power grid, or lack uninterrupted power supply.


OMC in Hindustan Times

“Solar dawn on UP village horizon”

In Atrauli, the days were depressingly short – 14 hours in all – till last year.

After sunset, it seemed as if someone had hit the pause button on this border village in Uttar Pradesh’s Hardoi district.

Shops shut down, markets closed, women didn’t venture outdoors and students couldn’t study. Banks stayed away, irrigation suffered and incomes were abysmal.

And then, last October, Omnigrid Micropower Company – a RESCO company – set up its first solar power plant in the village and Atrauli began to stir.