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ThinkProgress on OMC – “Watch How Solar Power Is Transforming Rural India”

“Watch How Solar Power Is Transforming Rural India”

BARSANA, UTTAR PRADESH, INDIA — Sun-bleached brick and concrete houses dot the landscape. Cows and buffaloes compete with rickshaws, people and the occasional SUV on the only road into town. And when the sun goes down, life comes to a screeching halt. In other words, this rural village in India’s northern plains is an unlikely place for the beginning of a technological revolution.


Documentary: Harnessing the sun

Harnessing the Sun to Keep the Lights on in India

The Sierra Club and Center for American Progress have produced a documentary series about OMC Power and the growing Indian microgrid market.

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Sierra Magazine on OMC – “Waiting for light”

“Waiting for light”

Will off-grid solar fix India’s energy problem?

The sky above northeast India looked like mango skin. It was late afternoon in May, and across a constellation of villages, deliverymen worked to unload their solar-charged lanterns from trucks and bicycles before nightfall. They leaned into dung-and-straw huts, calling, “Lantern, lantern.” They passed the devices to women in colorful saris, to bucktoothed kids, to men in sweat-stained undershirts, lingering while the customer made sure the lantern worked, head angled and skeptical.


EcoWatch on OMC – “The World Is Going Solar”

“The World Is Going Solar”

The world is going solar. According to new data released by the Fraunhofer Institute, in the first half of 2014, renewable energy, like solar power, accounted for almost 31 percent of all electricity produced in Germany. In fact, solar power generation was up 28 percent during the first half of 2014, compared to the same time last year.