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OMC in Economic Times 2/2

“Bijli Box To Light Up Rural Areas”

Three former executive officers of Ericsson had teamed up to introduce a concept – power in a box (Bijli Box), to light up rural areas that will remain off the radar of discoms for the next 10 years.


OMC in Economic Times 1/2

“OMC Power selected World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer”

The World Economic Forum has announced that it has selected OMC Power as 2014 Technology Pioneer.

OMC Power delivers power to rural India in a box. It delivers this box charged with solar power in the morning and replaces it back with another charged box the next day. The company has set up a few solar power plants which are used to charge these batteries.


WEF Technology Pioneers interview

Anil Raj, OMC’s CEO and Co-founder, discusses what makes OMC unique, what makes an innovator, and how OMC improves the state of the world.

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Full transcript:

What makes OMC unique?

There’s this enormous problem in the world today and that’s the fact that out of 7 billion people on this planet, more than a billion people have never ever switched on a light bulb.


PRESS RELEASE: OMC selected World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer

OMC Power Selected by World Economic Forum as 2014 Technology Pioneer

Delhi, India, August 27 2013OMC Power has today been recognised by The World Economic Forum for its innovative and pioneering work in supplying renewable energy to communities and mobile networks in rural India.