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CleanTechnica: OMC & SunEdison Partner To Install 250MW Solar Power

SunEdison is looking to implement a multi-pronged approach to expand its footprint in the Indian solar market. In addition to utility-scale solar power projects, the company is also looking to install distributed solar power projects in Indian villages that lack access to electricity. SunEdison to install 250 MW off grid solar power projects in rural India

SunEdison has signed an agreement with India-based Omnigrid Micropower Company to set up off-grid solar power projects in 5,000 Indian villages. These projects would have a cumulative capacity of 250 MW. This would potentially be the largest private-sector initiative in the distributed solar power domain for rural India.



The Motley fool on OMC: This Is How India Should Be Building Solar Energy

India is making a $100 billion bet on solar energy by 2022, but it’s doing so with “megasolar projects” designed to be 500 MW in size or more. The problem with projects that size is that India can’t get its centralized fossil fuel industry to run properly, and adding massive energy sources with intermittent energy supply may only make the problem worse.

Residential solar is growing like crazy in the U.S. Why can’t it grow in India too?       Image source: SunPower.

The better solution for supplying energy to India’s remote, underserved population would be through distributed energy sources like rooftop or small solar projects. Last year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said 2 GW of 20 GW built by 2022 should be distributed solar, but those projects have been slow to develop. One deal signed this week may finally show that distributed solar is getting its day in India.


YAHOO! Finance: OMC Power, SunEdison sign deal for 5,000 rural power projects

Kolkata, Jan 12 (IANS) Global solar technology manufacturer SunEdison Monday said it has entered into an agreement with OMC Power to develop 5,000 rural electrical projects across India in the coming three to five years involving a total 250 MW of electricity.

According to the US based company, the partnership leverages the expertise of both the companies including technical know-how, local and telecom knowledge from OMC and project development and financing expertise from SunEdison.

OMC Power builds small-scale power plants with renewable sources where there is no reliable power grid.


The Times of India: OMC Power and SunEdison partner to develop 5,000 solar plants

Solar power company SunEdison has partnered with Omnigrid MicropowerCompany (OMC Power), to develop 5,000 rural projects, totaling 250 megawatt (MW) of electricity throughout India over the next five years.

The companies together plan to bring electricity to about 10 million people, by installing 36 kilowatt (kW) micro power plants across India, according to a company statement.