Millions of people don't have power. Micropower is the solution.

No light in sight

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Powering rural communities.

Our objective is to provide power on demand to satisfy rural community needs, and at the same time empower rural entrepreneurs.

Everyone wants power, because it transforms lives. It’s a simple formula: power = job creation = development. The videos below underline the need for power in rural communities, and the large positive impact of Micropower.

The Impact of Micropower

Education without power.

Development without power.

Life with power – Deepika Singh

Catering to needs.

Based on OMC’s extensive field research, technology development for rural areas has to be designed for catering to needs rather than creating demands.

That’s why we invented the Micropower Business-in-a-box – complete starter kits for community entrepreneurs that provide them with everything they need to start a Micropower business.

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