I am waiting for power.

A gradual uptake

From phone charging to infrastructure – power uptake start with the most basic needs and progresses through convenience to entertainment and infrastructure.


The answer: Micropower Business-in-a-box™

Complete starter kits for community entrepreneurs that provide them with everything they need to start a Micropower business.

The starter kit includes rechargeable lanterns and the OMC Power Box™, a carry-home unit for portable power, which the local entrepreneurs rent out to the community.

The OMC Power Box™ powers a variety of household devices such as lights, fans and TVs.

Micropower Business-in-a-box™ is both a distribution model and a job creation vehicle to enable social and economic development.

The community entrepreneur invests in the starter kit and becomes our local business partner, which is the foundation for job creation in the community.

Delivering power.

OMC serves rural communities with power on demand. Getting power is simple: community members register with our local franchisee that then delivers the equipment (Lanterns and/or PowerBoxes), installs it and makes sure it works. The equipment is then picked up for charging after use, and delivered on a daily basis to our customer’s doorsteps.

This films shows how power is delivered to a rural home in four simple steps: