Power, everywhere.

Always-Available Electricity for Towers, Businesses and Homes

OMC Power is a new type of power company – a Renewable Energy Services Company (RESCO).

OMC Power builds, owns and operates power plants and smart mini-grids to serve telecom companies, businesses and communities in rural off-grid areas.

We supply reliable and affordable power to millions of people, thousands of businesses and hundreds of telecom towers across Africa and India.

OMC Power’s Pioneering ABC model has established us as the largest, and most successful, mini-grid company in the world.

A – Anchor Loads

We provide electricity to telecom towers in off-grid areas which were traditionally powered by diesel gensets.

We take all responsibility for the generation and supply of power to the towers with long-term power purchase agreements in place.

B – Businesses Via Smart Grids

We provide power to businesses of all sizes as well as petrol and irrigation pumps, mills, hospitals, banks, schools and other buildings.

C – Community Households via Smart Grids

We supply electricity to homes direct from our power plants

Our low entry price point enables near full penetration of all homes near our power plants.

We understand the rural economy and offer customised packages to suit our customers’ pockets. We charge less than the existing household budget for kerosene and mobile charging and enable people to climb the energy ladder.

OMC Power also offers a number of other services to increase the productivity of the people and businesses that it serves. Read about our Layed Services for Communities here (link to the For Communities Section)

We are expanding rapidly as our mantra is simple:

Power, Everywhere.