Welcome to OMC Power

At OMC Power, we embody a profound commitment to sustainable progress, positioning ourselves as architects of the future through our innovative renewable energy transition solutions. We are on a mission to greening telecom towers by eliminating diesel, energizing rural businesses and households through our renewable energy offerings, providing sustainable economics to MSMEs, and providing large scale renewable energy solutions to the healthcare segment.

Our efforts extend beyond the mere delivery of energy; we are builders of infrastructure, forging a resilient foundation for growth and prosperity. Our distinctive Indo-Japanese collaboration with our marquee shareholders bringing together diverse expertise and perspectives to pioneer a paradigm shift in energy consumption. With every watt we generate, we contribute to the preservation of our planet by saving precious fossil fuels. OMC Power is not just a provider of energy; we are the architects of a sustainable tomorrow, where each ray of light signifies progress, empowerment, and a shared commitment to a brighter, cleaner world.

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Our Vision

Aspire to be one of the most admired energy transition companies in emerging markets

Our Mission

We will consistently surpass industry standards in the renewable energy sector through relentless innovation and a commitment to sustainability.

Our Core Values

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Uphold the highest ethical standards. Always do the right thing, even when no one is watching


Continuously seek creative solutions and ideas that drive improvement, progress, and change

Passion To Win

Approach every challenge and opportunity with unwavering enthusiasm and determination


To stay ahead we are adaptable and quick to respond to any changes


Removing unnecessary complexity from our processes and Way of work will make it easy to execute


Prioritizing promptness and efficiency in everything we do.

Environmental, Economic and Social Impacts of OMC Power

    OMC Power Achieves Net Carbon Positive Status with cKinetics Certification

  • cKinetics, a sustainability insight, innovation and capital advisory firm, announced that OMC Power has become a net-carbon positive company.
    • Net Impact GHG Impact of 3,900 tco2e
    • Overall SROI: 2.11
    • We work in alignment with the 7 UN SDG goals

Key Facts

Our portfolio

Indo-Japan Collaboration

In a strategic alliance that amplifies our commitment to global excellence, OMC Power proudly collaborates with esteemed Japanese companies Mitsui & Co. Ltd and Chubu Electric Power Co. This powerful collaboration brings together cutting-edge technologies and diverse expertise, propelling us towards new frontiers in renewable energy solutions. United by a shared vision for a sustainable future, this partnership embodies a fusion of innovation and industry leadership, reinforcing OMC Power's position as a key player in the global energy transition.

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The People Behind the Powerhouse Brand

We are led by a team that lives and breathes renewable energy and rural
economic development.

Our Certificates

Area of Operations

Our team ensures seamless integration of solar technologies tailored to
meet the unique needs of our customers.