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The values that drive us.

INNOVATION: As a young company, we thrive on innovation. This is why we encourage our employees to contribute their ideas, and give full support in executing them whenever possible. Our employees get the sense of how their personal contribution leads to achievement of our vision “Power Everywhere”. We look for exceptional talents that not only create game changing ideas but also have the ability to execute them.

EMPOWERMENT: Every OMC employee gets the opportunity to grow both professionally and personally. Our employees are encouraged to go beyond their domain and help bring new perspectives to the table in order to generate long term collaborative growth. We also empower our customers in India’s rural communities through both employment and education.

SUSTAINABILITY: We believe that society at large is the most important beneficiary of our business. Energy poverty is one of the main reasons behind financial poverty. Bringing renewable energy access to previously unpowered rural communities is a strong force for socioeconomic development. At the same time, we drastically reduce dependence on fossil fuels – for both domestic and industrial customers. So we take sustainability very seriously, and that’s why we look for candidates who are socially responsible and want to achieve sustainable growth with us.

INTEGRITY: We believe that ethics are at the foundation of any successful business. As an employer, we therefore strive to achieve the highest standards of ethics possible – through honesty and integrity.

LEADERSHIP: At OMC we provide a working environment that encourages people to take ownership and responsibility of their actions, and to focus on personal as well as organizational growth. We encourage leadership at all levels of the organization.