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Energy poverty, no more.

Very far away from the land of dish washers, stadium floodlights and blinking neon signs, it becomes pitch black after the sun sets.

To hundreds of millions in rural India, night literally means darkness. As in impossible to read, have your shop open, or even be able to see what you are eating.

Until now.

There is a new reality. Where a home no longer fills with smoke when bread is baked. Where children can study at night, where shops are open for business after dark.

Here are some of OMC’s customers. We’re proud to serve them.

Studying at night. When our children get educated, everyone benefits.

Cooking and baking over an open stove. The fan connected to
 OMC’s PowerBox removes the harmful smoke in her kitchen.

The power of power, finally in the hands of the people that need it most.

Open for business even after 6pm.

Micropower changes everything. For everyone that doesn’t take reliable electricity for granted, it means the world. When we address energy poverty, we also tackle one of the largest barriers to socioeconomic development.

When you can charge your mobile phone battery whenever you need to, no longer be constrained by darkness, find relief from the heat or simply blow away smoke and flies, there’s room for more. There are new opportunites to learn, to work, to grow.

In three years time, Micropower will have powered 3,500 telecom towers, provided energy to 2 million homes – 10 million people – in over 1,600 towns and villages.

That’s the potential of Micropower.

/Greetings from the OMC team


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