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Interview with Justin Guay, Sierra Club

Justin Guay from Sierra Club – the largest environmental organization in the United States – just visited some of OMC’s Micropower Plants in Uttar Pradesh, India.

This was his experience;

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Full transcript:

“My name is Justin Guay. I work with the Sierra Club based in Washington DC.

We’re the oldest and largest environmental organization in the United States.

I spent the day with OMC Power and it’s so exciting to see a concept that is so unique and innovative on paper‚ but to see it take shape in real life is not something you see everyday because the world is full of great ideas, but very empty of people who make them happen.

It was very cool to see OMC and their installations. They’re some of the most professional and well run installations I’ve seen in the rural parts of the developing world.

What you see now are entrepreneurs who are delivering energy where the grid has failed.

I think that rather than that being a stop gap measure or some band aid approach, while the grid slowly, inexorably makes its way to the developing world. I think this is actually the future of energy access, the future of electrification.

The founder of Green Light Planet told me that “I’m not an environmentalist, I’m not like you.”

“The reason I deploy solar is that it’s the most appropriate technology for the populations that I serve.”

The people who are out there, actually making a difference and changing the world into a better place, they don’t see climate change as a threat, they see clean energy as an opportunity.

The technology simply makes more sense, they are increasingly more cost effective and they don’t pollute and destroy the atmosphere like the technologies we chose.

I would say that what really struck me about what OMC is doing is how fundamentally different it is than what we do today in terms of power generation in the developed world.

You’re just blown away by how little impact there is.

There are no noxious fumes, there is no loud noise, there is no destruction of surrounding environments.

It’s fundamentally a different approach and will create a different future.

I think the only thing I could say is that it’s amazing to have entrepreneurs getting the job done because we’ve waited for decades for conventional institutions to get the job done, and they’re not.

The only way we will get it done is if we see a thousand more OMCs take up this task.

And when we see that happen, it’s going to happen far faster than anyone believes.

And unfortunately they will have to do it before anyone believes that it can happen because that’s the nature of change.

I take away from my time here and seeing what OMC has done a profound belief in how much better tomorrow will be than yesterday was.”


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