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OMC at TED@BCG, Berlin

Anil Raj, CEO and Co-founder of OMC, recently spoke at the TED@BCG conference held at midcentury Kosmos cinema, East Berlin.

The TED conference buzzed with several new ideas on business, technology and self, with the presence of over six hundred TEDsters, BCG’ers and guests. The event was produced by TED Institute, a project that embeds within organizations and companies to help employees develop their ideas.

Anil spoke about Micropower from solar, windmills and bio-fuels – the only viable alternative to grid power. He reminded us of the cross-India blackouts of 2012 in which 700 million people lost power, some for weeks together, and also how almost 400 million Indian citizens never had power to begin with. The cost of building traditional grid infrastructure to serve these 400 million people would be hundreds of millions of dollars. To the rescue is his proposal: Micropower! “These small-scale, distributed power plants collect energy from multiple sources — from home solar, windmills and bio-fuels. The anchor tenant is the local telecom site and, from there, local entrepreneurs extend power into the community at low cost. Low cost is religion,” he said. He asked us: “If India launched the Mangalyaan Mars orbiter mission for less than it cost to make the film Gravity, why couldn’t we make 200 new power plants by January 2016?”

OMC, an Energy Services Company (RESCO) is already contributing to development of rural India by providing access to reliable power through its Micropower Plants in and around the Hardoi district of Uttar Pradesh, and is committed to expand its reach to 3+ Million people through 200 Micropower plants. OMC’s mantra is simple: power, everywhere.

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