Millions of people don't have power. Micropower is the solution.

Providing services to rural communities.

We provide power to rural areas by laying an electricity cable direct from our power plants to homes, businesses, schools, hospitals, banks and other places where people need and want electricity.

Our low entry price point enables near full penetration of all homes and businesses near our power plants.

We understand the rural economy and offer customised packages to suit our customers’ pockets. We charge less than the existing household budget for kerosene and mobile charging and enable people to climb the energy ladder.

To integrate fully into the local economy, OMC Power has also identified a number of ways to increase productivity of the people and businesses that it serves offering:

  • Bulk refrigeration for agricultural produce to reduce spoilage and distress selling
    OMC is able to match supply with demand with deployments at both market sites and in farming areas
  • Charging of Electric Vehicles for taxis and goods transport
    We know that there is a strong demand for transport in rural areas but the rollout of commercial EVs for low-cost short distance transport and taxi services is being hampered by a lack of EV charging infrastructure as well as the inability of the current grid infrastructure to handle
    the additional burden. OMC will explore what specific incentives are applicable to large scale rollout of a rural EV charging network.
  • Introduction of high efficiency electric motor pumps – planned for later in 2018

The Impact of Minigrids

Education without power.

Development without power.

Life with power – Deepika Singh