Minigrids = Small-scale energy with local generation & distribution.

Solving a very large problem.

Micropower is the solution to one of the world’s largest infrastructure challenges – providing reliable, affordable and cost-efficient power where there is none today.

OMC builds, operates and owns Micropower Plants™ that extract clean energy from sun, wind and biogas. The Micropower Plants also have battery banks and generators for backup, as well as a power management system for optimal energy efficiency and remote access.

For telecom customers, OMC connects the telecom base station to its local minigrid, and power is provided on a kWh consumed basis.

For community customers, power is sold either as a wired connection to OMC’s minigrid, or as packaged power – pre-charged power utility products with daily delivery.

The choice of renewable energy is entirely business-driven – we use whatever power source that makes best financial sense for every Micropower Plant, for the benefit of our customers.

We only use proven technology. OMC is a power company, not a technology company. We exclusively use battle-tested components that can perform in the challenging environments of rural areas in emerging markets.