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Signing ceremony for the contracts of investment in OMC Power, an Indian Renewable Energy based Mini Grid Operator

Mitsui & Co., Ltd. (“Mitsui”) has entered into a strategic partnership with OMC Power Private Limited (“OMC”), an Indian renewable energy service company, which is one of the largest mini-grid operators in the world. To commemorate this partnership, a signing ceremony was held on August 22, 2017 in India, which was attended by Managing Officer Yoshio Kometani (Chief Operating Officer of Infrastructure Projects Business Unit) of Mitsui & Co. and the co-founders of OMC (Chairman Sushil Jiwarajka, Vice Chairman & Executive Director Rohit Chandra and Managing Director Anil Raj). By this investment in OMC, Mitsui will enhance its foray into the distributed energy business.

Mitsui OMC Investment Signing
Mitsui & Co. Infrastructure Projects Business Unit COO Yoshio Kometani (fourth from left), Chief Representative of Mitsui & Co. in South West Asia Hiromichi Yagi (fourth from right) and OMC Chairman Sushil Jiwarajka (third from left) at the signing ceremony.

OMC generates power mainly using solar and supplies energy to rural areas via its mini-grids to anchor loads such as telecom towers, local small and medium enterprises and rural households, in areas with limited or no electricity access.
The source of energy in these areas is currently fossil fuel based, that is diesel and kerosene. OMC provides electricity to such areas with high reliability, affordable cost and with positive impact on the environment. This further contributes to reduction of CO2 emissions and increased productivity, along with overall economic development of rural communities.

In recent years, India has experienced rapid economic growth, consequent to which the demand for electricity has been increasing. In the medium term, OMC aims to operate 1,000 mini grid based power plants (totaling to a generation capacity of 50 MW), which would deliver power to more than 1 million people. Mitsui intends to contribute to rural electrification in India through its investment in OMC as well as by joint project development with OMC, so as to capture the growth of Indian market. In additional to energy access for rural India, the strategic partnership also intends to provide value added services on the strength of availability of reliable electricity.

Mitsui and OMC’s collaboration extends beyond India, covering Africa and other parts of Asia, where there is a strong demand for distributed energy access and rural electrification.

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Read the Press Release on the Mitsui & Co Website
In English :
Signing ceremony for the contracts of investment in OMC Power, an Indian Renewable Energy based Mini Grid Operator

In Japanese:
インドの分散電源事業者OMC Power社への出資に関する契約調印式を実施


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