We power mobile networks in emerging markets.

The telecom power challenge.

To power a mobile network in emerging markets is expensive. If there’s even a power grid at all, it may only be available for a few hours every day.

Diesel is currently the common power source – both expensive and polluting. On average, 40% of total operating expenditure in emerging market mobile networks is spent on power & fuel.

And until now, renewable power has been too costly and complicated. OMC is changing that fact.

Join our CTO Sarraju Narasinga Rao as he explains how we provide renewable energy for telecom networks – beyond the traditional grid:

Removing cost & complexity.

OMC provides reliable, renewable & cost-efficient power for mobile networks in emerging markets.

How? We’ve cracked the code. Thanks to proven technology combined with decades of telecom experience, we can provide telecom power solutions to mobile operators and tower companies in emerging markets.

OMC also takes care of complete site operations and maintenance. Read more about our telecom power solutions >>