Reliable power for mobile networks in emerging markets.

Reliable, renewable & cost-efficient.

OMC provides reliable power to mobile operators and tower companies in frontier markets.

Power supply comes from the OMC Micropower Plant™ which extracts clean energy from sun, wind and biogas. The Micropower Plants also have a battery bank, generators for backup and a power management system for optimal energy efficiency and remote access.

Scalable power supply.

Micropower from OMC starts for loads from 1,2kW and goes up to 3,6 kW and beyond.

Operations & maintenance.

OMC takes care of the power site management, and can also manage O&M for the telecom site.

Renewable energy innovation.

A switch to renewable energy sources is not an option, it’s a prerequisite for both profitability and sustainable development.

That’s why OMC invests into renewable energy innovation, and supports innovators and entrepreneurs within the renewable energy space. First out in a series of interviews is Dr. G.P. Govil – inventor of a diesel conversion kit.