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Interview: S. Prasad, CTO, Bharti Infratel

The telecom power challenge – Bharti Infratel’s CTO Sairam Prasad on renewable energy sources and green power for telecom

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Full transcript:

“OMC Power is one of the first RESCOs in India with a very good innovative model where they set up a mini plant based on solar.

The commercial benefit and feasibility is improved in this model by combining the electricity needs of the community and the Towercos. It’s a really impressive model.

Thanks to this industry’s evolution so far, there is a lot of sharing across the operators.

So tower companies are really helping the operating companies to share the same site for multiple operators.

Sharing has helped a lot in reducing the carbon footprint of the telecom industry.

We like to be known for environmental friendliness and energy efficiency – hence we started a programme called P7 Green Towers.

The programme is a combination of seven initiatives. The seven initiatives combine three aspects of energy management – use of renewable energy services, improving the energy efficiency, and reducing the load.

This programme covers 70% of our network footprint.

There are three major issues that we face.

A – 10% of our sites do not have electricity at all, they’re completely off grid.

B – 30% of our sites have grid power supply but with poor quality and reliability. We face issues like low voltage, single phasing etc. and it’s available for very few hours in a day.

C – Even in the cities, where power supply is available, we have an issue of distribution network capacity so any upgradation of equipment or getting a new connection is very difficult.

The way I look at the future of the Indian power situation – generating capacity is getting added every year, but there is still a good amount of demand/supply-gap.

And also considering the huge amount of transmission and distribution losses, it is very difficult to expand the grid power to all parts of the country.

So there is a good, promising space available for companies like OMC Power who come forward as a RESCO to setup and operate mini renewable energy stations to fill these gaps effectively.”


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